Refreshment beyond the home and office.

From schools, hospitals and hotels to factories and job sites, Primo Water North America brings total refreshment where you need it most.

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Learn how Primo Water North America® can be at the top of the class in providing the right beverage options.

When you provide a child with quality drinking water and teach them about proper hydration, they learn a healthy habit they can keep for a lifetime. With our convenient delivery service, the only thing your students will be thirsty for is knowledge. Allow Primo Water North America® to supply all the beverages you need.

  • Our water filtration service provides quality drinking water through your existing fountains and faucets
  • We can alleviate concerns with possible contaminants found in municipal water sources with our water filtration service and/or bottled water delivery service
  • 3- and 5-gallon refillable bottles are perfect for classrooms, common areas and teachers' lounges
  • Staying hydrated starts with proper education

We offer 5-gallon coolers for the staff breakrooms, single-serve water bottles that can be re–sold and water filtration units that can be installed and maintained. Don't stop with water – Primo Water North America® can also provide single–serve coffee units. Whatever your beverage need, Primo Water North America® can provide it for delivery.

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Let Primo Water North America® take care of your beverage needs for your patients and staff.

With so many things to juggle at work, ensuring your patients and staff have a continuous supply of water shouldn't be a worry. Enroll in our bottled water delivery service and leave the water to us.

Our Route Sales Representatives are committed to providing excellent service and following health protocols. They'll bring the water you need, while keeping the wellbeing of your patients and staff as a top priority.

Getting started is easy. Choose the type of water and the number of 5-gallon bottles you want. And don't forget to order a water dispenser. It only takes a few minutes so you can get back to your patients and staff.

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Elevate their hotel stay experience.

Your guests expect a flawless experience. Whether in a guest room or suite, meeting room, lobby, hotel restaurant or concierge lounge, amenities make the difference. Let Primo Water North America® be your partner to make that perfect cup of coffee or offer that refreshing bottle or glass of water to make a great and lasting impression.

Primo Water North America® offers beverage delivery service customized for your hotel that includes popular coffee and bottled water brands, premium equipment, water filtration and more. Guests today expect in-room single–serve coffeemakers and bottled water in their rooms. Primo Water North America can deliver these straight to your hotel on a set schedule.

Make sure to ask about setting up a stylish concierge lounge. Primo Water North America offers water coolers, single–serve coffee and a variety of single-serve drinks. Allow us to set up a welcoming environment for your guests.

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Beverage home delivery

We've got you covered.

Quality hydration is integral to keeping your workforce healthy and productive. Keep the water – and progress – flowing with our 5-gallon bottles of water. It's refreshment your crews will really appreciate, and our convenient delivery service frees you up to focus on other jobs at hand.

For a kick of caffeine, check out the AquaBarista®, which dispenses water and brews single-cup coffee! This two-in-one unit saves space by housing a 5-gallon bottle of water that is used to brew single-cup coffee. We also carry a wide variety of K-Cup® pods. Check out our selection and add some to your order.

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FIJI and Mountain Valley water