Questions and Answers

When will my bottled water be delivered?

Your bottled water will be delivered regularly, according to the printed schedule your route sales representative provides. You also can view and print your delivery schedule online. This schedule highlights delivery days so you always will know when you will receive your delivery.

How many water bottles will be delivered?

After your initial set-up and delivery, your route sales representative will replace your empty bottles with full ones. However, adjustments may be made based on your needs. If you would like a different quantity or additional products, please update your order online, leave a note for your route sales representative, send an email to or call us at 800.4.WATERS.

Where will the water bottles be left?

You and your route sales representative will decide on a convenient location to store empty bottles and where your full bottles will be left if you are not at home.

How do I communicate my bottled water needs?

The best and most convenient way to keep in touch is by using the branded note pad supplied by your route sales representative with your delivery schedule. Just complete and leave a note for your route sales representative on your scheduled delivery day. Branded note pads are great for all sorts of communication, such as:

  • Asking service questions
  • Changing the amount of bottled water delivered
  • Requesting information regarding additional products we offer
  • Notifying us of your vacation so we can anticipate your delivery needs

Can I change my delivery day?

In order to provide the exceptional service you expect, our delivery system is set up to serve specific geographic areas on certain days. Please discuss special delivery needs with your route sales representative.

How do I contact my route sales representative?

You can reach your route sales representative by leaving a note on the day of your delivery. Simply attach the note with your request or question on an empty bottle. If your timing is more urgent, please send an email message to, which will be forwarded to your route sales representative within two business days or call customer service at 800.4.WATERS.

When is my payment due?

Payment is due upon delivery of your order. With Autopay, You will be charged upon delivery of your items from your order.

What if I forget to put my empty bottles out?

Your route sales representative will continue to deliver your bottled water. Hold onto the empty bottles until your next regularly scheduled delivery. At that time, the empty bottles will be picked up by your route sales representative. If your bottled water consumption has changed, it is a good idea to leave a note on your empty bottles so your route sales representative knows how many full bottles you would like delivered.

Single-serve bottled water and 3- and 5-gallon bottles